NMCC Board initiates search for a Director

Meet Our Leaders

Gathered for a day of discernment…

Front Row

Ruth Hoffman, Director of Lutheran Advocacy Ministry and Chair of the NMCC Board of Directors

Carolyn Good, representative from Church Women United

The Reverend Kay Huggins, Interim Executive Director, NMCC

The Reverend Charlotte Hoppe, Lead Minister for Mission West, Tres Rios Areas Disciples of Christ Church

Bishop Michael L. Vono, Episcopal Diocese of the Rio Grande,

The Reverend Alan Bash, Deputy for the Southwest Conference of the United Church of Christ

Back Row

The Reverend Rob Craig, Deputy for the Presbytery of Santa Fe, PCUSA

Archbishop John C. Wester, Archdiocese of Santa Fe

Bishop Jim Gonia, Rocky Mountain Synod, Evangelical Lutheran Church in America

Povost Randall Partin, Deputy for the New Mexico Conference of the United Methodist Church

The Reverend John Williams, President, Rio Grande Mission Center, Community of Christ

Monsignor Bennet J. Voorhies, Deputy for the Archdiocese of Santa Fe

Speaking ecumenically…

Our leaders know the importance and the challenge of ecumenical engagement; that is why they set aside days for sharing their Christian faith, for the mutual encouragement as denominational leaders, and for setting directions for the common work of the New Mexico Conference of Churches. 

We appreciate the words of counsel from our leaders; the Board of Directors, composed of Deputies and at-large members, works with the NMCC staff to give life and spirit through programs of connection, advocacy, education, service, and collaboration around New Mexico.

you can help

·  Communicate: read and share our newsletters; like and share events posted on Facebook; contribute your ideas and programs to nmchurches@gmail.com.

·  Speak up: let us know how ecumenical and interfaith work happens in your local setting; we know there is significant collaboration throughout the state…but we might not know your perspective.

·  Show up: the wealth of programs, workshops, services and gatherings are extensive; make a commitment to participate in one ecumenical or interfaith event every month!

·  Volunteer: let us know your interests and skills; we will connect you to an appropriate network, congregation, agency or ministry partner.

NMCC leaders speak out against the reconsideration of the death penalty during special sessions.

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featured event

Conversation Sabbath 2016

Conversation Sabbath 2016

November 11-20

Communities across the country are now gearing up for Conversation Sabbath 2016 –an interfaith celebration of the importance of sharing our unique preferences for end-of-life

Clergy play a vital role in helping families navigate these difficult conversations and congregations are a safe and supportive environment for engaging in crucial conversations about end-of-life wishes. This is a topic that will resonate with every congregant.

November 11-20, congregations of all faiths and denominations will teach or preach about the need to express what matters most to us at the end of life to our loved ones and clinicians.

Visit theconversationproject.org to find resources with denominationally-relevant materials for launching a successful program in your setting. Click here for a short video that describes the Conversation Sabbath initiative.

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